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A-to-Z™ Solution
Linguitronics goes beyond expectations to ensure our clients’ projects are always successful; not only in terms of language requirements but with regards to final deliverable formats as well. Our A-to-Z solution helps clients get things done right, and on time.

A-to-Z extends our language services to various customizable production and post-production solutions; allowing clients to keep the management of projects within designated teams, and ensuring better communications and workflow.

Our teams, consisting of professional project managers, language experts and technically-savvy post-production specialists are able to plan, manage and execute complex projects with ease, taking the pressure off your shoulders.

Industries, Sectors and Applications:
We provide an A-to-Z solution for all industries and sectors that have language requirements and specialized production and post-production needs. Solutions include printed, online or multimedia deliverables.

Service Scope:
In addition to language services such as translation, interpretation and technical writing, Linguitronics will also be responsible for the pre-production, production and post-production of projects. Therefore, the final result is a completed document or item that clients can use.
  • Desktop Publishing – We have the technological expertise to create printed or digital documents that meet a variety of clients’ desktop publishing needs.
  • Multimedia Solution – We have the team and equipment to edit and integrate translated text or dubbed media, creating flash animation and high-quality video, and providing our customers with comprehensive media solution.
  • Photography and Image Processing – We have the resources to handle the graphic needs of clients through photography and image processing.
  • Equipment Rental and Recording Service – As part of our interpretation services we provide clients with hardware rental, on-site support for equipment assembly and disassembly, and audio-visual recording for events.
  • Transcreation – We can extend our translation service to transcreation whenever clients’ have the needs for something more creative – such as creating slogans, taglines and messaging that appeals to the specific market.
  • On-site Support – We can provide immediate support for software testing and localized content modifications.

Talk to usabout your needs and let us help you build your own customizable project solution.

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